The vaporizer

We live in Missouri….we “don’t need no stickin’ humidity” as a furnace attachment…..and of course, I was wrong. It was pre summer and my biggest concern at the time was to have a high efficiency unit with cold cold in the summer and warm warm in the winter…and my myopic vision didn’t allow me realize I would still be alive and living in the House November through February when it is cold.

So, let’s do what we’ve always done, let’s just put one of the old pans on the stove and keep a light flame going under it…with that scenario the light flame under the kettle causes the water to evaporate into the air and I become totally anxiety ridden that I will forget about it and set the house on fire.

I’ve got an idea…let’s just get a small vaporizer with auto shutoff to run all day in the kitchen on the counter by the living room door to keep the humidity in the house at a comfortable level…I no longer feel the need to buy the best because there is no guarantee it will last and I can buy two cheap ones for the price of one if I’ve made the wrong decision.


The one gallon Vick’s brand Vaporizer was under $40 through Amazon and it requires no filter…simple…once a week you just take a couple of parts off, pour vinegar and then bleach and water over the heating unit and in 20 minutes the hard water deposits just soak off….a light brushing may be needed. False! It must be cleaned every 3 or 4 days. vinegar doesn’t remove the water deposits in 20 minutes nor 24 hours…so now I’ve had to introduce chemical in my life with CLR and use his toothbrush to clean off the deposit. Okay….the last part was a joke.

running this damn thing 24/7 only gets the humidity to hover around 40% and the static electricity causing the cats hair to stand on end is still a problem. (Small exaggeration) The vaporizer is soaking in CLR as I write, I’ve used the toothbrush on it and now I have a kettle on the stove again. 🤬. I’m ready for summer so I can complain about the humidity! On a positive note, I don’t live in a desert state. That’s something.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “The vaporizer

  1. I once heard that the human range for survival is extraordinarily large (we can survive almost anything) but our comfort zone is infinitesimally small (we are never quite comfortable). I just like the vision of cats with their fur standing on end.

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  2. My grandfather used to set old bread pans full of water on his registers. Of course you’d need to have registers for that. I have a cast iron tea kettle on the wood stove that I fill everyday. The inside is of course covered in hard water deposits. I often wonder if I’m doing more harm than good to the air in the house.

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  3. I have no idea how much water you need but what about buying cheap distilled water by the gallon and using that? Just a thought? Or just a bowl of water in each room and wash bowls daily?

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