I’m not very patient….

I’ve often thought the microwave timer is just messed up….when I’m hungry, the minute it takes to nuke my food so it isn’t just refrigerator cold takes forever….much longer than a normal minute.

Getting a doctors appointment when I’m not sure I’ll be alive in the next hour and the soonest I can be seen is “we can work you In late afternoon”?!?!

My hair looked great yesterday but this morning it has grown to that ugly length and I can’t get in for a cut for two weeks 🤭.

The car is so cold that the window fog over just from my body heat but it finally warms up after a 20 minute drive.

But then ….. I finally talk myself into making a dental appointment…..and tomorrow at noon is open. WHAT?!!? Not a month from now? Tomorrow? 🤬

I seriously looked at the clock a few minutes ago and thought…damn, in 12 hours I’ll be in the dentist chair.

Until next time….I suppose it will be a short night too.

3 thoughts on “Seriously….tomorrow

  1. Isn’t it funny how elastic our sense of time is and how it manages to do just the absolutely most annoying thing possible?

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  2. Omg, isn’t that just the way it happens! Good luck at the dentist. I decided to wait until after the holidays. Because….it’s a good excuse to wait. ha. And why does hair do that overnight???
    When I got mine cut, I was sending pics back and forth to my sister of what I wanted to do with it. She said you should call my girl and get an apt. I thought hey good idea. I called her and she was like, Can you come in tomorrow? I panicked for a minute….What? and not have time to change my mind?!
    So in a little bit, you can look at the clock and think, ok tomorrow this time it’ll be over!


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