Lake Jacomo on Monday

Dear Diary

Pretty discouraging chance of rain today but really only had a couple of mild showers and it moved on…the sun would come out then back to clouds and dark sky.  About 9p we started the heaviest rain of the day and I had to leave the bonfire.  My sprinkle and rain look.

We tried to visit the 1855 town that is incorporated into the Lake Jacomo/Fleming Park but it is closed on Monday…just like hair salons and a lot of mom/pop restaurants.  Did drive thru the wildlife area to see the buffalo but didn’t get out of the car…didn’t have carrots or apples and didn’t have Jax with us.  That will be Tues or Wed.  We did find a sailboat cove with lots of sailboats and an unbelievably nice shelter house….we enjoyed the solitude and the peacefulness of the moored sailboats gently floating on the water.

He took a hike into,the woods and I sat outside and read this afternoon…peace.

My camping jacket.  bought it at Bennett Spring in 2000 and campfire pops burned holes in it a month later.  Seldom wash it and will never get rid of it!

I know….I’m a prize when I’m camping 😉

That’s all today…..

2 thoughts on “Lake Jacomo on Monday

  1. It’s all good. Just how stylin’ do you need to look to camp out?

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  2. Looks like a wonderful time!


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