I realize it is very difficult to find an opinion on FB ðŸ™„

First….I’m feeling better today.  Antibiotics have kicked in.

Second….I’m finding out that many people suffer from diverticulitis.  In fact, the dear like-souls seemed to come out of the woodwork to empathize!  I’m sorry y’all have experienced it but thankful because I learn lots of helpful hints.

The question I have rolling around in my mind.

Why for all of the years I was on a death wish diet….eating copious amounts of crap on an hourly basis and washing it down with diet pop, did I not have diverticulitis flare ups.  But now that I eat healthy and have cut out the aforementioned foods, is my colon revolting?  My last theory after reading the article after article is perhaps with my bad habits, I was preparing my body for its future battle.  Do you think this is a process?  During an irritated moment while fixing my jello, I thought….maybe I should just say screw it and go back to sugar, gluten and foods with preservatives.  My colon apparently liked it better.


10 thoughts on “I realize it is very difficult to find an opinion on FB ðŸ™„

  1. My sister had it–had part of her colon removed because of a tear. Ouch. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

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  2. I also have diverticulosis (not infected). I am also lactose intolerant. I have spent years tinkering with my diet. I drink kefir because it makes me feel good. I am always eating different things just to see how they make me feel. I eat much healthier than I used to. Find what makes you feel good. Eat something and see how you feel in an hour. If something makes you feel like crap, you won’t want to eat that anymore. Isn’t much of life trial and error?

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  3. I have diverticulosis. It is the condition of having the pockets but no infection. But it makes me wonder with all the gut pain I have could this be the problem? I can’t eat “good” food. You had a picture of cauliflower posted recently. If I ate that amount of raw cauliflower, I would probably die. High fiber is just not possible for me unless I want to be writhing around in pain all the time. I need to remember to talk to my doc about this sometime.

    I hope you can find the answers and find a way to eat that agrees with you and does not cause you pain.

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    • Thanks, MB! What I’m learning is these divertuli can happen anywhere along the miles of colon but frequently occur in the large colon because of…well, you know!!


  4. Yes. Eating all junk food, easily digested, no little fibrous pieces getting stuck is much easier on an already damaged colon. It’s also of course what caused the damage in the first place. Now that you’ve got a big gaping hole sitting there just waiting to be filled by food particles and turn into pustules of pain all this healthy eating is a pain in the ass. But it will make the rest of you feel so much better.
    My naturopath recommended glutamine powder dumped in your bottles of water because glutamine will settle into the divots and keep things from sticking.

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