Albacore Tuna

Everyday at lunch I eat 2 boiled eggs mixed with a drained can of tuna, mixed with yellow mustard, tossed with some sweet pickle relish and a squirt of mayo.  Every day Baxter jumps up on the counter as soon as he hears the can opener drawer open.  I started leaving a small bite of tuna in the can to occupy him so I didn’t have to share my bowl.

HE brought me home albacore tuna from Sprouts yesterday…..lunch started like every other day…me scurrying around trying to protect my lunch from the cats…when I slid the albacore can over to Baxter today

He was not impressed and after one sniff, turned his head!  

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Albacore Tuna

  1. hahahah! priceless! that sounds awesome, btw


  2. My grandfather had a cat named Mitzi. She would get tuna from the can. However, if the can had been sitting in the fridge, he would heat the tuna in the microwave, “just to take the chill off.” I always thought that was funny. God forbid the cat should consume cold tuna! Baxter, it seems, is now in the same category.

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