I long for a music clone

Everybody I know has a different music list of favorites…including him…although I must say he seems to be pretty all inclusive judging from the tunes coming from his workshop in the morning.  Throw in a little classical, country, pop, rock and roll and even a good ole Christian harmony and he is good with it.  He has his preference but he say my music doesn’t irritate him.  Unlike me.

I seem to be one of those souls who is very sensitive.  NOT boo hoo sensitive but sensitive to loud noises or breathing depending on where I find myself.  For an example…if my mind is clear and concentrating, I can read a book with the TV on and with noise around me.  On the flip side, if my mind is in easy-distraction-mode, that sound of him cracking peanuts can send me flying for ear plugs.   With music….something that doesn’t  align with my current soul setting can blow my mind and I seem to build up anger in my head.  Especially if it is loud.  The other night while listening to my music which ranged from Disturbed to Heart to the Osmond Brothers, I had the thought….if I could just find a soul mate that liked exactly the same music and songs that I like, I would love them forever.  I even had the image of driving miles and miles in the car with someone who had the same degree of love for MY music and we could sing obnoxiously loud song after song after song and both be feeling the same high.  Because seriously one of the joys in my life is driving down the road alone in the car with my music cranked singing at the top of my lungs.  When the radio is loud, I sound pretty damned good!

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “I long for a music clone

  1. It’s good that he doesn’t mind. You may be a “highly sensitive person” like I am. I do not possess the ability to tune anything out whatsoever. Annoying, huh? I know the feeling.

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