Fiction vs reality

Watching my newest binge TV show…..Velvet….takes place in Madrid, Spain..Spanish TV series with English subtitles.  Beautiful people in the leading rolls…anyway…

Sometimes I get so involved in a show that the weather in the background becomes lifelike for me.  Torrential downpours, running through the rain with or without an umbrella, snow storms…..sometimes when I bounce back to reality, I’m surprised that it isn’t in fact raining or snowing outside.

I am pretty claustrophobic….it’s not necessarily small places with lots of people…but laying down in say an MRI coffin and not being able to sit up.  I read a book years ago where the lead heroine was having to crawl through a cave on her belly and squeeze through holes in the rock formations….I thought I was going to have to stop reading the book if she didn’t get through the tight spaces and stand up because my anxiety level was peaking.  I appreciate being able to lose myself in fiction whether TV, a book or my own daydreams.

I assume that the ability to lose oneself in fiction is a positive reboot for the brain …. I need the distraction from reality sometimes.

BTW the girl in my book was able to free herself from the cave.  She had a good reason to crawl through the it!

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Fiction vs reality

  1. Losing oneself in a drama can be nice. I know I am tired of winter when I turn on TV, see golf, and think, “The grass is green there. Wow.”


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