Every now and then I think it is good to put things into perspective and realize we are just ants on earth.  We are so often caught up in our own lives with our own family and friends and sorrows and joys, WE fail to realize that there is a world of people with the same problems and happiness everywhere.  Literally everywhere.  Frequently when I travel, I notice that the houses we are driving by are filled with people I don’t know, probably will never meet and are breathing the same air I’m breathing yet I don’t even know they exist.

Today I found the EarthCam app.  While I spent the majority of my afternoon watching the live cams from several areas on the Florida coast.  Oh and by the way…watching surfers here and there even though warnings have been issued specifically not to do it.  I’ve also scanned around to a beach in the Phillipines, Time Square, a view of Moscow and England and the French quarter.  Fascinating…I suppose I would call myself an enthusiastic observer of other people’s lives?  A twist on being a people watcher.

By the way….I would love to experience nature through a hurricane…I don’t want to risk my life or feel panic or fear…I just want to experience nature at its most unpredictable.

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “Perceptions

  1. People are fascinating, aren’t they?


  2. I think about that a lot. I used to drive by houses and imagine how they were decorated. Now I think about the ppl, the families inside them. Age and experience I guess changes how we think, what we think about.
    I have to find this app you’re talking about!

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