Bad Manners

The A. In the outline of my discomfort is when people don’t respect other people.  This is such a broad category but I can narrow it down a few subcategories.

  • Rude and snarky with people you don’t know or don’t understand
  • Rude and snarky because people lack empathy
  • Rude and snarky out of jealousy
  • Rude and snarky out of ignorance
  • Rude and snarky because this is how you have learned from upbringing or past personal pain

Rude and snarky are negative and when negativity is continuously put out there…negativity takes over.

By using a little compassion and empathy for others, the rude and snarky feelings will begin to diminish inside and the outcome is more peace and love replacing the hatred and anger!

Sometimes it is only necessary to not wear your real feelings on your sleeve and put a smile and compassion out there and the negativity will begin to evaporate.  For the most part, rude and snarky people aren’t respected nor liked!

Until next time….

8 thoughts on “Bad Manners

  1. Wow, would you believe I just typed 3 replies to this? This really made me think. Let me explain….”A” is so damn rude and snarky. This week she posted some stuff that made me want to slap her upside the head. I’m thinking she is the most disrespectful person I know. I have to deal with her often IRL, but I unfollowed her on fb. So I read this and went YES!!!! And then I thought about “D”,who is also rude and snarky. And funny as hell. She makes me laugh all the time. I mean these 2 ppl can post the same snarky meme and my reactions to each will be entirely different.With “A” I’m thinking, Wtf is wrong with you! With “D”, I’m just laughing.. sounds like her or something she’d say. Maybe our reactions to it vary because of our perception of who is doing the talking. I see “A” sitting up there on her high horse believing she’s so smart and we’re idiots. While “D” is down here in the dirt WITH us, she’s under no illusion that she’s “better than” Odd isn’t it. I have a sign that says “Attitude is Everything”…Maybe so. lol

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  2. It’s time to get those sparky and rude people the boot! They bring us down and we don’t need negativity in our life’s. It all begins at home.


  3. Thanks for explaining that to us. And just how did you come by this knowledge?

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  4. Some people just don’t have empathy. Most humans, however, in my opinion, are just overwhelmed and living in their heads. Who isn’t preoccupied sometimes? Everyone is so stressed and traumatized that others don’t even get on the radar. Been there. When I can’t smile, I try to hide and not create problems. Sometimes, it’s the best I can do.

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