I don’t know if I have mentioned this…

Well, rolling blackouts hit Hidden Valley and a couple other streets in the subdivision.  My first thought on this very hot day was he better have gas in the generator.  My second thought was thank goodness my electric recliner is in the down position or that could be embarrassing and ugly…my third thought was…it’s so quiet in here without TV…wait…ITS NOT QUIET!  I may not have mentioned before but he collects antique clocks….ticking and top of the hour chiming clocks…

From my current location in the living room, I can see.

4 of them.  The only one that doesn’t tick is the grandfather clock….what’s more?….they DONT CLICK IN Rhythm!  I had him shut off the grandfather clock chimes a few months ago because 1 minute before the hour through 1 minute after the hour say at 10, 11 and 12 we had to mute the TV because I could t hear anything.  As I sit here in the quiet, oh wait….it’s not quiet …. Tick tick tick tick.  He thinks it’s comforting.

If the power doesn’t come on soon so I can blare the TV, I may have to resort to ear plugs so I can concentrate while I Read my book.
Until next time…

6 thoughts on “I don’t know if I have mentioned this…

  1. I would go completely stark raving mad if I had to listen to unsynchronized tick-tocks. But the kitties might make it a little more palatable. They always do.

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  2. maybe you need a goat too. the bleating would drown out the ticking

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  3. I think that might drive me batty. Especially the out of sync part. LOL Know what my first thought is when rolling black outs hit? Here it comes, the beginning of the end of the power grid. hahaha. I swear I’m not a prepper, but I might read too many books that start out with the grid going down.
    PS-I LOVE that turquoise wall!!!

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  4. You should come visit! You would love it. I’m going to,put my cuckoo clock on the wall in my new craft room when he gets it finished.

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  5. When we moved I packed up all my noise making clocks. I miss them. Cuckoos and tick tock and the bird of the hour and Westminster chimes all going at it just out of sync!

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