Back to the 70’s Nina

I was thinking last night about how negative and shake-my-head disgusted and disturbed I feel when I turn on the news and learn daily how far society has plummeted.  So I went the other way.

He and I started binge watching Blue Bloods earlier in the week…I made the comment that I would like to see The Tom Selleck of the Magnum P.I. Days…what that means is wearing less clothes.  While I think Tom Selleck has aged very, very well…he is not exactly the Tom Selleck of a younger woman’s fantasy.

But Holy Hunk.  What about Julianna Margulies’s squeeze on the Good Wife.  First George Clooney on ER and now

But I’ve always had an unusual hunk preference.  While all of my friends were in love with Davey Jones of the Monkeys, I was hot on Mickey Dolenz…..George Harrison rather than Paul McCartney….Johnny Carson,  Andy Williams, Perry Como and Tom Jones brought me to my knees.  and now you ask…..

Sometimes it is just fun to leave the crap behind and embrace the younger, more politically incorrect Nina.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Back to the 70’s Nina

  1. I see you like fur bearing creatures; bears and otters. I guess I should have known that. The last pic I saw of David Letterman, he looked a bit like the tall version of Wishbone on Rawhide.

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    • Hahahahaha! I don’t hate all republicans 😀. I have 3 in the family some I have to show a little tolerance. I know! I saw that picture. Hahahah amazing. Witness protection program and I can soooo see him doing a segment on it!


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