Watching NKOTB videos

Yep..I’m eating peanut butter and crackers in bed…watching New Kids on the Block videos.  I’ve been playing poker on the internet off and on all day and finished the worst book I’ve ever read all the way through…normally when I have to reread several paragraphs in a row because my mind is wandering, I just dump it…but no…not today…I finished it.  About 8 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Back to New Kids….he and I have started binge watching Blue Bloods…I have to say I would like to see Tom Selleck wearing less and not always bundled up in his professional clothes…I know you know what I’m talking about…but I’m also becoming quite attached to Donnie .wahlberg….but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what he looked like as a singing kid.  Thus watching videos and reliving the music I heard over and over and over when Jenny was growing up.  TRuman is also a bit uncomfortable with the music.  The cat species fetal position.

So now I Know what he looked like…and with that said.  It’s been an okay day.  Good night.

Until next time….

8 thoughts on “Watching NKOTB videos

  1. I can’t play poker well. I think I’m too easy to read. I did know know you had these obsessions with TV people and NKOTB were the worst. Their music was like cotton candy and soft core porn. Mark and Donnie did end up being pretty good actors, but I think they are probably overpaid.

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  2. I can’t play poker. I think I’m too easy to read. I never knew you had these obsessions with TV people. The New Kids were the worst of them IMHO. Mark and Donnie turned out to be pretty good actors, but their music and performances were like cotton candy and soft core porn.

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  3. OMG there is a poker with friends game????


  4. Do you play real poker? I love poker. I tried playing online one year but it scared me. I didn’t want to get addicted, which is so possible with gambling. So now I only play online games for fun (no money involved).

    I remember NKOTB. They were big back in the days. I was living in the D.R. and many of us wanted to own things with their pictures on them, such as watches. I could never afford those. I liked their song “tonight”.

    You have a beautiful kitty.


    • Seldom real poker. I play online but not with real money.although when I get low I’m often tempted to buy more chips but usually just work it out with my skill Hahahaha. Poker with friends is the app I use. You get some chips when you start and every few hours they give you more chips free.

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