We really no longer need math either…..

I have been rather shocked by the discussion about curriculum change in schools….not teaching cursive to our kids.  I just can’t believe it.  I assume we are working toward a time when even having a signature…..in cursive….will no longer identify you.  Perhaps I’m just short sighted and we should all go with fingerprints or eye ball scans supplied at the checkout.  Or everyone will be able to just have a PIN number….perhaps just a number tattooed to their hand so it can be remembered.  Seriously….no cursive….and we thought we had an illiteracy problem now.  I guess that was an unneeded jab as books are written in block letters…well, of course.

While we’re at it…what’s the point of learning math?  We have calculators and computers and now Siri…

Welcome to ‘merica!

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