6 thoughts on “Bunnies!!!!!

  1. I love bunnies! Have you read “Watership Down” by Richard Adams? I love that story which is mostly about survivorship. I have the movie too! I had guinea pigs but I always wanted a couple of bunnies. I don’t have the space for them though. One day.

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  2. We are a bunny haven. I think it’s due to several fallen trees on our property line bordering the woods. But……..sometimes an errant bunny is in the yard during morning wake up time and ….. well…..


  3. It’s bunny remains. Some predator – hawk or fox – ate your bunny and left you the fur. There are many bunny eaters in the world. These bunnys need to be more observant like us ground hogs. We don’t get eaten nearly as often. Of course, we don’t taste nearly as good either, but that’s not our fault. Cars are confusing though. Why don’t they stop when they see a poor ground hog in the road? Humans are just rude.

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  4. This is obviously bunny remains. Some critter ate your bunny and left you the fur. Probably a hawk or a fox. The world is full of bunny eaters. They are just not as observant as ground hogs – that and they taste better.

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