…….and here we are

Amazingly he came out of the bedroom this morning after his shower and said, “I want to go to town today”……seriously….before he read my blog…..and what put him on the top of any husband comparison list….his answer to where do you want to go?  Hobby Lobby!!!  He wanted to get a few things.

And we’re off.

We each got a shopping cart and met up when he was finished….I’m never finished.

I justified the amount of money we spent by calling it our Christmas shopping for each other than we hand picked!

We stopped at HyVee for a few groceries that we can’t get at our local Price Chopper.  Used our Price Chopper gas card and Paid 79.9 cents per gallon for a tank of gas.

This is what I’ll be doing for the next few days

We are home now feeling invigorated.

Until next time…..

4 thoughts on “…….and here we are

  1. My sister just took me to Hobby Lobby right before Christmas. I always thought it was just another AC Moore. Boy was I wrong. Awesome store! I wanted to decorate my husbands garage while I was there. That’s a thought I never expected to enter my head!

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    • I know a woman that totally decorates from hobby lobby. I can walk through her house and say uh huh, hobby lobby, hobby lobby. The weekly rotating sales are awesome. The only way I buy something.

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  2. Hobby Lobby! How very tolerant of you. That woman behind the counter looks offended. What did you say? ” I would have said, “if you had a beard, you would look like a man.” That would have done it! Mission accomplished!

    ya know, I’ve been thinking about it. Since your home anyway, you could send hate emails to Donald. That might be fun. Then when the secret service shows up, you could tell them to lighten up.


  3. Super! !!! W and I just discovered Hobby Lobby. Uh oh….

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