Political Correctness

I’m not sure how to start this blog…I have the ideas swirling but have spent too much energy trying to be politically correct.  While my blog is a categorized in my mind as a diary, I do share it publicly just because I do.  There are many thoughts I would like to share.  I don’t because I don’t want to finish each line with….Just kidding NSA or I’m sorry if this offends anyone.

My last blog on Violence in Rome was written after watching a documentary on the Coliseum in Rome.  This weekend, we watched a documentary on the  hateful relationship between William F Buckley and Gore Vidal in the 60’s.  It was enlightening.  I frequently shake my head with disbelief when I hear the rants and rhetoric curdling the airwaves from Donald Trump.  Apparently his brand of communicating to some is refreshing because he says a lot of things without apology that cross the minds of many of us.  Trump is not the first public figure with no regard for political correctness.  Have we now become a society of respect and love that when we hear bold, irreverent ranting we listen because we don’t have the freedom the speak our own minds or are we just sheep who follow the shepherd who screams the loudest and carries the biggest stick…or have we just become a society of apathetic pussies?

As a people, it seems we no longer think gray.  We think black or white.  There is no room for tolerance of “another side” of the story.  The bold statement here.  I really believed that the racist, scared and depression age generation of my parents would die off and we would be living in a more tolerant, positive world…..unfortunately I fear we are repeating history with our hatred, lack of respect and intolerance of anyone who doesn’t think exactly like we think….

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4 thoughts on “Political Correctness

  1. Tolerance always leans left. We need to turn right. Tolerance is the reason millions of Muslims are nesting in Europe. Tolerance is the reason nationalism is rising in Europe. Tolerance will be the reason concentration camps return to Europe. Something similar will happen here, but it will probably not be as severe as it will be in Europe.
    The pendulum is starting it’s swing back. It is going to cause lots of problems. Why? Because people are sick and tired of being tolerant and trying to tip toe around on egg shells so they do not offend someone.
    So I encourage you to do your part. Go out and offend someone tomorrow. I think I will find a feminist and tell her I don’t think she should be allowed to vote. What will you do?


  2. Trump is crazy and that’s okay. What’s scary is the sheer number of people that respect and follow him. I refer to “political correctness” as “respect” and “common courtesy.” I’m hoping that America does not reject decency and civility in the name of reviling the bogeyman of “political correctness.”

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  3. You’re right and it’s scary. I often wonder how many truly psycho ppl he brings out of the woodwork. Ppl who now believe they have society’s permission to behave in what we used to call batshit crazy ways. i had higher hopes for us too. i hope we eventually learn something from all this madness, but you’re right, history seems to repeat itself. Will we ever learn?

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