Sunday morning rant…

First on my mind this morning, I’m totally undecided in the presidential race.  I used to pick who I thought would be best to lead the country….I would listen to other opinions….but more than likely, I would be secure in my choice.   I even used to roll my eyes as the day before Election Day and the media opinion surveys would still show the percentage of undecided voters.  Seriously?  How can you not know after listening to the BS in an Iowa pre caucus year. 😳🙄😡

This year before election, I’m not only wavering between democratic candidates, I’m seriously understanding some of the republican opinions.  (Dad, I know this makes you smile).  Once I can get through the republican candidates religion based platform.  I don’t hate their God belief but I can’t get past their refusal to acknowledge the separation of church and state politics.  Bernie has my vote for domestic policies but I really fear his “inexperience” to keep the homeland safe.  I trust Hilary for the Homeland but think she has the comforter pulled to tightly around her sharing a bed with Wall Street.

Trump isn’t a serious consideration although that angry, irrational self understands his angry and irrational rants.  Rubio and Cruz both say occasional things I can agree with… Jeb is a Bush….if I thought he was a bastard child Bush, I could trust him but so fear another brothers administration and Carson…Hahahaha…he’s going down.  I think he may have a concealed mental bomb!

As a small business owner who is double taxed on my income and the business profits, I support the republicans because we need a tax break…but I’m pretty sure the republican agenda is not good for the middle class.  I don’t  believe trickle down economics work, Perhaps good for my tax issues, but not for the good of the country, the republican platform will doom the middle class.  Rapidly dropping us into a deeper hole.

The Paris attack has overwhelmed me. I’m sure the fear we are all putting out there in the universe is doing nothing to insure our safety.

That’s it for now….I’m overwhelmed!

Until next time….

8 thoughts on “Sunday morning rant…

  1. It’ not a conspiracy and it’s not a theory. It’s real. It’s been going on for years. It’s out in the open and it is there to see if you really look at the world instead of believing what ever they tell you on your pixelated LCD wall panel. Got a smart TV? An Xbox? Do you know that if they choose to, the NSA can hear everything going on in your home through those devices?

    People need to get scared or whatever else will motivate them.

    Your freedom is an illusion and your privacy is gone. Try to take more than 3000.00 USD out of your bank or investment company. You think it’s your money? Try to get it. Try to close out an account. They will bludgeon you with regulations, taxes and bureaucracy. You won’t get it for 30 days. Cash will disappear soon anyway and they will limit what you can get with your card to 300.00 a day. They think it’s their money. It all just gets worse by the day. Greed and avarice run amok while the middle class works like slaves to avoid the fate of the poor.

    I can’t watch it anymore.I don’t watch it. It’s all lies spun with just enough truth to pull you in and hold your attention. We are controlled. They will come for the rest of the guns soon and that will finish us. Tyranny will rule the day.


  2. I must just let this go because my overdose of caffeine today combined with my hours of reading and watching the news has put me in an extremely agitated state!


  3. The reason the middle east is in flames and Muslims from North Africa and Syria are immigrating to Europe is because of the policies of the US state department under the guidance of Hillary Clinton. 160+ died in France Friday at the hands of Syrian immigrants. Paris burned because of our government’s desire to destabilize Libya, Yemen, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. We created ISIS to overthrow Assad in Syria. They are CIA trained and backed and bankrolled by the Saudis. Hillary Clinton was part and parcel of this. The people that are currently running foreign policy in our nation have made the world more insecure. Hillary Clinton did her part to help. If you want security, Hillary is not the choice. This will continue no matter who you vote for.

    The powers that be are trying to create maximum chaos and ignite WW III to solve the world financial problems. It’s just beginning.

    Do not believe the talking heads at NBCABCFOXCBSCNNMSNBC. They are the mouth piece of the establishment. What’s really happening and what you see in the media are very different. This is our own government creating enemies to instill fear, to take away your rights and control and monitor everything.

    You have no good choices for the election. There have been none for years. There is only one bi factional political party. Right now somewhere in Washington there is a room full of Republicans praying for Hillary Clinton to win because they have no control over Donald Trump or Ben Carson. These things are not good. If Hillary is president, there will be war. You heard it here first.

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    • I’m not sure that war is a bad thing. This is a change in my opinion.
      What would you have us do?


    • No one has control over Donald Trump or Ben Carson!


    • ……and another thing….

      So you don’t think other news agencies other than the mainstream media you mentioned are not slanted to their particular political propoganda?


      • They are free of the centralized control. They definitely have their own agendas. RT is controlled by Putin, but I like it. I like Vlad. He stands up to the evil empire and takes action. In a matter of days he brought ISIS to a dead stop in Syria. We could have done that. The reason we did not is that ISIS is US.

        My point is that I want something from the press besides the bifactional party line. American media is controlled by six interlocking communications companies that are beholden to the establishment. No one really investigates anything anymore, they just report from a script given them by government press release. No one challenges the politicians and most especially the President. Genuine journalism is dead in the US. We now have advocacy jounalism driven by people that want to participate in the story and somehow change the world and get a leg up for themselves. Whatever happened to just investigating and reporting the news?

        And for what it’s worth, I meant to say the Republicans have no control over Ben and the Donald. Someone is pulling their strings, but it is not the usual suspects.

        There is an invisible government. It has existed since the end of WW II. It’s the one that killed the Kennedys and MLK. It’s the one that has been overthrowing governments in Central and South America and the middle east for 70 years. It’s the one that created and sustains Israel. It’s the same invisible government that creates false flag attacks like the Gulf of Tonkin and 9/11 for the purposes of war and enriching the military industrial complex. It’s about power and money. This would all stop tomorrow if there was no financial or political advantage in it.

        Voting is useless because the ultimate goals of both parties are the same.

        Thomas Jefferson said that we needed to water the tree of liberty with the blood of true patriots about once every 20 years. We are way behind. I say bring it on. Washington needs an enema.


    • Meanwhile…do you not believe the conspiracy theory that you adhere too don’t cause panic and fear in the masses?


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