Twice baked cake.


I learned this week that when you understand cooking and baking and have years to perfect the talent, you know nothing is a total loss.

The lower oven heating element didn’t work in the house we rented, so when Gena went to cut the spice cake with cream cheese frosting,  the evidence was…shall we say runny.  We ate some outside corners then as I cleaned up the kitchen, she scraped the frosting off, combined done cake with the cake batter in a smaller cake pan and baked it again…then refrosted.  It was amazing. No one really knows why she didn’t remember this with a pan of brownies two nights later but it worked again … scrape frosting, fold together and rebake, refrost.

Oh….and I also learned that lime sherbet is excellent with chocolate syrup made from chocolate chips, milk and butter!  Of course, I’ve always known that chocolate on anything makes it better.  I know most of you are with me on this one!

Vacation is over.  I’m going to miss the cook but at least I won’t gain MORE weight!

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Cake!

  1. I don’t bake but I LOVE cakes! That cream looks yummy too. Glad you took some time off and enjoyed it. Hope things are going well.

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  2. I was thinking warm, partially baked cake batter and ice cream. Half baked ala mode. Might be good.

    Chocolate syrup is also very good on orange sherbet. Loo.ks kind of gross, but it tastes nice. I have done it many times on purpose

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  3. you sound like you have had wonderful time – I am happy for you. But this cake….Man… it…..looks….delicious…. that is not fair :)))


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