I woke up this morning thinking about our last day at Eufala Lake….and then I went a little deeper..I was thinking about this house we rented.

A week of our lives we lived in this house…we laughed, we watched TV, we found our own separate corners and read, we fixed meals, we looked forward to returning to this house after a day on the lake so we could cool down and relax, we slept here and we left dreams here.  It’s a week out of our life and we left a big footprint.  For years to come, other families will come here and do what we did and then they will leave.  The house will remain and everyone will take their memories with them…not necessarily remembering the house but remembering the pages of memories.  Someday, we could come back to this house and as soon as we step through the door, the ghosts of our past would be with us once again.

Tomorrow we return to our day to day life, this excerpt of life….how we felt….our footprint will still exist..but moving on just as we move on to the next adventure.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Footprints….

  1. Do you experience this same problem with hotel rooms and public water fountains?What about when you see someone else driving a car that you once owned?

    It’s all very creepy

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    • But I’m right. We always leave a footprint!


      • It’s been my intent for awhile now to make sure that no one knows I was ever here after I’m gone. I want to be unmemorable and unremembered. I try very hard not to leave a footprint (Carbon or otherwise).

        This is getting easier. Many places I went to school or homes I have lived in no longer exist. No one can enter Brooks Elementary and sense the decades of students that have passed through it because it is a housing development now. It is gone.

        Nothing is really frozen in time. Everything changes. All it takes is a new paint job and old memories fade. Footprints get washed away.

        If the house you stayed in gets leveled by an F5 next spring, your footprint will be gone.

        “Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.” (Kansas)


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