Just like the commitment to the “MONDAY” morning diet and exercise..

is that first hour OUT of the dentist’s chair when you totally commit to brushing your teeth and flossing after every meal…while you still remember that one hour IN the dentist’s chair.   I started the process of having a crown replaced in the black hole this afternoon – the black hole being one of the back teeth in my very small mouth.  On the way home, I was 1) berating myself for not learning a lesson in my 59 years and 2) is the amalgam used in dental repair really poisoning me.  If so, I’m doomed because I have an entire mouth full of teeth filled with it.

My rant for the day will focus on DishTV.  I used to bounce back and forth between Dish and Direct because having whichever the current one was costing me a lot more than new service with the other one.  I’m pretty sure it all evens out at the end of the 2 year commitment…but somehow it makes me feel better paying 64 dollars a month even for 12 months rather than the $112 a month.

We have had Dish for several years – we moved the service when we moved to Missouri…soon after the main big box (whatever they call it) stopped working.  So in April, they sent us another one.  This past Sunday, the morning news shows were stopping every 3 or 4 minutes…we couldn’t watch recorded shows or live programming with out a 15 to 30 second stop and start.  I went into rage mode because this receiver/recorder was only 4 months old and crapped out again.

Direct was here this morning – got us hooked up – some nice new features now on Direct TV  – we get premium channels free for 3 months…NFL package free until May of 2016 and saving over $40 a month.

I’m happy now.

Until next time…..

8 thoughts on “Just like the commitment to the “MONDAY” morning diet and exercise..

  1. well maybe, but the upside of that is that you are happy. I will be continually disappointed. I don’t think even Donald Trump can help. He might get us in a big ole’ war with Mexico and China instead. At least you can watch it on Direct TV.


    • You need to come for a weekend visit…a little relaxation…a little happiness might rub off…or we could go to Bennett Spring and you could try your arm at fly fishing for some trout. We could rent a two bedroom cabin…I know you would love to spend quality time with me 24/7.

      I’ll cook…you and Phil can catch my supper every night!

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    • Have you looked into a little respite care for your dad so u can get away for a long weekend?

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    • Unless I’m typing, I do not know how to socialize anymore. I’m broken, I’m asocial and I’m even getting tired of teaching my Sunday School class. If I leave here, I do not think I would come back. I would just keep on driving right into the Pacific. Actually British Columbia sounds nice. No one knows me there. The temps are moderate throughout the year and the scenery is beautiful. They speak English. I could become a subject of HRH ER II. I’m probably not politically correct enough to live in Canada though. I would get prosecuted.

      Well there’s another fantasy down the tubes. You already shot down Belize for me. How did I know you could get intestinal polyps and kidney cancer in Belize? I bet if you knew, you never would have gone.

      Maybe New Zealand???? They have summer in the winter down there and vis versa. That would make for a change. And there’s still Colorado or New Mexico. Taos or Colorodo Springs always sound nice.

      ya know, I really don’t want to go anywhere. It’s not personal. It’s just my state of mind right now.


  2. That’s all it took to make you happy? Direct TV? I’m much more high maintenance than that. For me to be happy, there needs to be world peace, no poverty and eternal youth and, oh ya, perfect dentention. I’m sorry, but I cannot settle for anything less. Who should I call about that? any ideas?


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