Starlight in Kansas City…

Every time we drive through the heart of Kansas City we see something else we want to explore.  There are the sports venues which we hear about all of the time.  There’s the Plaza (PLAWZA), Crown Center and BBQ restaurants – too many to name…and then there is the Starlight Theater which is aptly named because it is star entertainment in an open air venue under the stars.  It is extraordinary!


Ease of ingress and egress is amazing, parking is convenient, comfort, acoustics, selection of beverages and food and the bathrooms!  The first time I used the restroom at Starlight I was in shock.  This is how a women’s restroom should be configured!



Stalls on both sides in two sections.  There is no waiting in line…

He and I attended our second Chicago concert last week…this time they were with Earth Wind and Fire.







and the encore – the groups together


It is worth the drive to KC for the ambiance!

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Starlight in Kansas City…

  1. Are ingress and egress supposed to be male and female egrets? ” …the ingress approaches the egress in a mating ritual by bringing her a small fish to prove he is a good provider. In response, the egress bites the small fish in half, offering half to the courting ingress. She then assumes the position to allow proper egress for the ingress. After mating, the ingress falls asleep and the egress does the dishes.” (From National Geographic, February 29th edition)

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  2. Oh that looks like a fun place!


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