Empty Houses have no soul….

We took my car in for service this morning so when he picked me up we just drove further into Lee’s Summit  to pick up Jaxon.  In my non-talkative morning funk, I was deep in thought looking at houses…thinking about the big picture…there are people and families in those houses that I don’t know.  The people probably have similar problems and worries and love….what a huge humanship we are part of.  One house we passed gave me a totally different “feeling”.  The house didn’t have  a soul – I realized as we continued on that there were no curtains at the windows…obviously the house was empty.

This is not the first time I’ve had this feeling but it is the first time I have been able to define the emotion I was feeling.  On my twice daily walk down Hidden Valley Drive, I walk by a very nice house – very well maintained – lawn is mowed, flowers in beds along the front, curtains at the windows…but I have never seen any activity – including no lights on at night or evidence of cars in and out.  I also feel this house has no soul.  I’m quite confident that the number of scenarios I’ve entertained could make a readable mystery novel.

I’m listening to Papa and Jaxon playing downstairs.  I love to hear his sweet little voice as he explores.  It’s a bittersweet day though as he and I are about to lose our senior cat, Billy aka Bill Clinton.  In December of 2007, I finally wore him down and he agreed that I could adopt a cat.  Billy and I connected – although at the time, the ARL had named him Mouser.  He was beautiful and sweet and gentle.  His welcome to our home involved me getting out of the car carrying him in his cat carrier – he took quite a tumble as I slipped on the ice and he was air born.  Through his life with us, he accepted 3 dogs and 4 other cats…but he was always the main man!  Earlier this year, we had several mast cell tumors removed from his body and learned that the cancer would be back.  He’s lost a lot of weight but kept his personality until the last couple of days.  He’s not eating – not even sneaking people food.  He walks away from his beloved cheese.  We have seen the light go out of his eyes.  We are just waiting now.  I stayed up with him for awhile last night just willing him to stop breathing so we don’t have to have him euthanized. *tear.  If you have ever loved an animal, you understand the pain.  So.


Until next time…..

7 thoughts on “Empty Houses have no soul….

  1. 😦 what a beautiful kitty – I am sure he has had great time with you guys


  2. Ah that is so hard. I hope Bill is at rest now. It never gets easier, no matter how many cats / dogs we have.

    I feel empathy for houses that I pass… Certainly the house we just bought has good happy energy in it. It will be an easy place to move into. Some houses we were shown were very sad houses. Two I remember seeing felt like there was a badness in them. Too many years of bad intention I guess. Bricked up windows always annoy me. We rescued 2 windows from our present home.

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  3. I have been thinking about you and Billy all day. Love and hugs kiddo!


  4. Sorry about the cat. I would have named him Ross Perot I think. I had two cats in my life. The last one lived for 24 years. Charlotte was a sweety, but she had a bladder issue there toward the end and we went to the vet one last time. I cried like a big ole baby. I decided then that I would not do that again. Now I have to deal with Mom’s dog. Dad loves Oliver. He kind of drives me nuts, but I think he likes me. Probably cuz I feed him. Every morning I wake up with him asleep on the bed with me. I dread the day he has to go. Should be a ways off. He’s only 5.

    As for houses…I’ve been in some houses that, even though they were empty, they had the spirit of something going on inside. They just creeped me out. There was the soul of something present…I doubt it was the former occupants. Some houses are just evil…there are trees like that too.

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  5. Oh Nina, I am so sorry about Bill Clinton. It’s terribly difficult to make that decision.
    I spend time imagining the scenarios in houses too. I am always so happy when suddenly curtain is open!

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  6. I’m sorry about Billy. It is a hard thing. My heart goes out to you.

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