What labeled pigeon hole do I fit in?

I’m not even sure I know who I am anymore.  He is in having his colonoscopy and it is too cold in the waiting room so I’m sitting outside on a bench….on the most hot and humid day so far this year in KC.

 I have never been too cold except one year during an Iowa winter….oh and the Chiefs game we went to last season.  Weight loss?  Kidney loss? Old age?

While he drank and purged yesterday prepping for today’s activity, I cooked myself up linner or was in dunch….something I knew he would detest and not hunger for.  Salmon pattys and sweet corn.  Actually I was going to do peas but the corn at the grocery store looked awesome and it was!


Back to the labeling…I’m becoming one of those people who does not like to leave the house. I’m totally content in my habitat…that’s not to say I don’t want to go outside…it just means I could go for weeks and not leave the house and its surroundings..

In fact….*long pause…. I have a little anxiety when I have to attend a social event.But ask me to speak at a social event in front of an audience and I’m energized.  My girls insist that I’m an extrovert and they, like their father, are introverts.  Their father who talks to all the neighbors, knows where they all work and the names of their dog…..I know who has the friendliest wave from the end of the driveway.

So.  Where do I fit.  I fit in no little box.  I am me…I’m comfortable being me and just like everyone else, I can participate or not participate.  It is my choice….and quite frankly, I’m probably the only one who is questioning this?  Or am I?

Until next time…..

7 thoughts on “What labeled pigeon hole do I fit in?

  1. When you’re in front of a group, you are in control. Even when there are questions and answers, you are still in control. One on one in social situations, you are not in control. Sometimes it’s not even a level playing field. The cards are stacked against you before you walk in the room.

    In either instance, if it was hostile territory, you probably would not go – not to speak to the group or to merely mingle and socialize – is that right?

    Me either…but there was a day when I could not address a group either hostile or otherwise.

    I think you are an omnivert…there’s you pigeon hole. You become what you need to be when you think it’s worth the effort.


    • Cling clang clang. I think you are exactly right!


    • And what about salmon pattys?


      • Salmon patties and salmon loaf are fine, provided that they are served with a white gravy and a baked potato. The white gravy should be peppered to the point of hotness. Use white pepper. No one likes black specks in their gravy. The baked potato must be heavily buttered (real butter). Salt and black pepper in this instance (call me inconsistent) and maybe some shredded sharp cheddar. You might add some spears of asperagus on the side with clarified butter and salt and black pepper. Serve it all with a dry white wine. Finish up with a scoop or two of lemon sherbet to cleanse the pallet.


      • Another delightful dish to make with a tin of salmon is Salmon sauce (gravy) over biscuits. First, make a substantial amount of white sauce from a rue – half a stick of butter and a couple of heaping tablespoons of flour. Add some half and half. As it thickens, add more then add a small amount of the juice from the tin of salmon. Continue to stir as it cooks. Next add some frozen peas and green giant extra sweet sweet corn – or – cut asperagus is good too. Continue cooking on low. As it simmers, add the drained contents of the salmon tin. Stir. Salt and pepper to taste. Lower heat to the minimum to keep it warm. Bake some biscuits. Pillsbury makes some biscuits that you will find in the freezer case in a bag. These are much better than the tube variety – very close to homemade. When the biscuits are done, split two or three on a plate and butter them. Ladle the salmon white sauce over the top.

        The salmon sauce is also incredible on a buttered baked potato.

        This is all apart of my butter, flour and salt diet. The aim is to keep myself from being a burden on society later in life, by not having one. I will have lived well while here though. Mmmmmm, it’s good stuff.

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  2. To Salmon Patties I say GAK!!!!
    I think there is a niceness to be at the point where you are happy being at home. I am definitely an introvert that learned how to be an extrovert when I needed to be. If I am comfortable then I am all out and about!
    Mary Beth – I agree with your doctor. It’s not so much a hot or cold thing anymore, it’s an unable to regulate temperature thing

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  3. I have had this deal with being cold. Although, not on a regular basis. I talked to one of my doctors about it because I have always been hot and she said that it isn’t always hot that comes with menopause but that the body has a more difficult time regulating your temperature and that it can go either way. I notice I am okay with hot now but not with muggy.

    Yikes! Salmon patties certainly would not be inviting for me but Craig would have enjoyed that.

    I hope the prep wasn’t too bad for your hubby. I hope he’s none the worse for the whole procedure. They use heavy twilight sleep for me when I have them done. I like it that way.

    I think people are a mixture of introvert and extrovert and at different times of their lives different amounts come out. I think it is what you need at that time.

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