Drugs in Dementialand (and Why Bighead Has a Bit More Pep As of Late)

When Dementia Knocks

In late 2008, my husband and I adopted an English mastiff from our local shelter. At the time, he was already a senior citizen at the age of six. Mastiffs only live about seven to nine years, so I feel very fortunate to say Karl is still with us at approximately twelve years of age. We call him Bighead, and if you look at his picture you’ll know why. His head is freakishly huge in an adorable way. Of course, I’m biased because I’m a big fan of the old drooly gentleman.

Last week, Bighead wasn’t moving too fast. He seemed to be having just a bit more trouble getting up and down steps. In addition, I had a feeling he had both a urinary tract infection and an ear infection. Off to the vet we went. I kept my expectations realistic. After all, he is the equivalent of an 105…

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