Snow or no snow…keep the pictures coming

We were supposed to be in Des Moines this weekend…had a motel room rented through Monday night…when I talked to Katy on Friday, I said..ya..we are coming…don’t mind the snow – probably the only good snow we will see this winter.  WTH…did that really come out of my mouth.  Woke up Saturday morning and saw the Storm warning and the possibility of 10 inches and we agonized…so we opted to stay home and forfeit the money on the Orbitz reserved room!?!

This morning, it looks like we probably made the right decision…after being an Iowan for 57 years, I know what a winter storm is like and after 30 years working 911, I know what a nightmare a winter storm is.  I’ve been enjoying everyone’s Facebook pictures from Iowa this morning.  It is truly beautiful.  I ALMOST regret not being there but I think we made the right decision for safety and it is not like we would have wanted to sit in the motel room and awe about how beautiful the motel parking lot is…and we will be watching the Super Bowl game today which I understand may not be a choice for satellite TV folks.

Here’s the view from our kitchen today


What a difference being 4 hours away makes.

It kills me to say this too.  Go Seahawks!  Believe me…it is more a cheer against the Patriots!

Until next time….

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