While sitting in the bathroom today…

(No worries..I’m just going to talk about the thought process), I noticed dirt in the little crack between the tile floor and the shower…this is after I had mopped it not an hour before. I had the thought that I should get a bucket and sponge and clean it on my hands and knees to get it clean…which sent me to trying to remember when the last time I had even thought about that let alone doing it…maybe in the 90’s. I don’t even have to scrub the bathtub because we don’t use it. I don’t know how long it has been since I smelled unscented pine sol or spic and span. I did use some comet on the old porcelain sink in the new house before we replaced it..which reminds me of washing white clothes in chlorox…oh, I still do it occasionally but I totally do it in the dark with a closed door because apparently it is bad for the environment and kills germs and bacteria! I got “the look” recently when I admitted I use chlorox cleanup in the toilet. I mean seriously people, no part of my body touches the toilet bowl and I only use the water in it for one purpose. It’s said that the fumes will get me…but I maintain that if I’m still sniffing old magic markers, bleach is really nothing!

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “While sitting in the bathroom today…

  1. Splurge and get a Shark Steamer (abt $100) plain water and two capfuls of white vinegar into water tank will allow you to eat off the floors. Triangular pad gets in corners and behind the toilet. Couldn’t do w/o mine. Warning!!! Only use distilled water, otherwise, hardwater deposits, minerals, etc. will ruin your machine. I’ve had/used mine for about 5 yrs and still love it…………I make my own laundry soap and only clean with vinegar, wipes out 99% of bacteria.


    • I have a steamer…wonder if I could use vinegar in mine???? it doesn’t have the triangular pads though. Just so you know – I’m not as crazy as I sound 🙂 That was my thought process…or maybe I am!!!! Actually I use Norwex so I don’t have to use chemicals…but Jenny is the one who gave me hell for using bleach!


  2. We don’t use bleach with laundry but not for that reason – I’ve heard that when you have hard rusty water bleach attracts iron and you end up with more rust on your clothes. Not sure if it is true.


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