Just like tiny balls in a pin ball machine….

I didn’t used to even question the way my mind works..because, obviously, you only have your mind and don’t know how the monkey turns the crank in anyone else’s mind. I’m a rapid thinker or to describe it better, the electrical currents seem to bank off the the little cells similar to the balls in a pin ball machine. The little button gets no rest and it is played over and over and over again. I never questioned it until I started getting older and an off hand remark from my son-in-law who told me his mind never stops. Family and friends have commented that my conversation pattern is quite random.

odd, unusual, or unexpected.

I have envied Him for many years for his ability to sit and think about nothing. That latter has also irritated me beyond measure.

All of this and I don’t know left from right. I swear it is in the wiring. Justin was cutting my hair the other day and asked me to look right…thankfully he was standing on my right side and my split second hesitation made us both smile. I have spent many, many years feeling like something was wrong with me – obviously – because I do not know right and left without thinking about it. Gena and I came up with a directional plan that worked when we were together in a car. Your way and My way. You can’t get me on North South East and West – well until now – in my new habitat, I have no idea what direction I’m going when I leave home because of two curves in the road. I probably just need to come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to know which is right and which is left and get on with it. I do know that I’m right and he’s not…so maybe I’m making headway?

….and this post was going to be about politics and Meet the Press…

Until next time….

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