One of the best inventions ever….

…and it isn’t new to me.  We had one in our house in Des Moines when I was growing up in the 60’s.  The full house attic fan.  When it is running it sucks cool air into the house from every open window and door.  It also expedites the smell of cooked cabbage rapidly through the house.  I’ve had it on most of the day – first low – then high – and now low again because HE is Cold!  Ohhhh brrrr.


Which brings me to another subject.  I’ve noticed during walks in the neighborhood that no one leaves their front interior door open and God forbid anyone would leave their drapes/curtains open.  Is this a new rule that I’m unaware of after living in the country for so many years.  Day or Night.  The reason probably is because of people like me who like to walk and look into peoples houses at night.  I remember when we were in Charleston, SC taking an evening walk,  everyone had their sashes (oo la la) thrown wide open and with lights on inside, the decorating and architecture were totally visible….he wouldn’t look..was against his own privacy rule.  I’ve changed him.  But a lot of good it did.  There are a couple houses on our street that appear so locked up and dark that I have wondered if anyone actually lives there or if they are dead inside.  One night I did see a light through the skylight of one house.  At any rate.  I want this to change.  Throw open your curtains and open up your doors, people.  Don’t close yourself off…

Or maybe it is a social thing…I don’t want you at my door so I will batten down the hatches and hide in my house so I will be left alone.  I guess that is okay too…Who am I to judge?

Until next time….

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