I was obviously wrong…

I could have sworn that someone told me/I read/I heard that when you replant/plant peonies that they won’t bloom for 2 years…I purchased/planted peonies this year and they soon bloomed…Maybe Missouri peonies are different than Iowa peonies? Kim Balmer – you are experienced in peonies…what do you think?

I also planted some day lilies…one was blooming when I bought it..the other wasn’t. Yesterday – they were both blooming. Here’s my favorite – the late bloomer…

photo (2)


I have a favorite bowl…It is about 31 years old and used to have blue cartoon characters on it.  I know it is that old because I got it for Jenny when she was about a year old.

photo 1

It’s rubbery plastic and been in the dishwasher so much that it is probably bleeding carcinogens…but I continue to use it.  I started thinking about it tonight while trying to be healthy with my non-fat, unsweet greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon, honey and blueberries.

photo 2

With him being gone this week, I’m trying to change the way I eat and have been doing pretty well.  Jenny and I just got back from Cosco where she helped me buy healthy and gluten free by asking me if I was sure that is what I wanted, reading my labels or just giving me the look.  Just for the record though – she did buy a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups….so there!  I have veggies, blueberries, blackberries, organic chicken and hamburger and gluten free noodles.  I seriously think I’ve been feeling better for giving up wheat bread at the beginning of the week.  Dr. Oz had a dr/author on today talking about how today’s wheat is just not good for you and said many health ailments disappear a week after removing wheat from your diet.  He also said that wheat grown now has a very high glycemic index and is known to cause an addiction so you crave it.  I can say that may be true in my life.  I’m nearly convinced.  Well, that is all that is on my mind tonight…so

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “I was obviously wrong…

  1. yes…I do that…When I can get off the processed sugar, I no longer crave eating…but I’m just learning about this wheat thing. When I was dispatching, I would eat a slice of bread with peanut butter on it…2 hours later, I was eating a slice of bread with peanut butter on it…then a meal and afternoon needed a slice of bread with peanut butter on it. A lot of that was pure unhealthy stress too..but I find I’m not craving food this week since I quit eating wheat bread…It did not even occur to me…*hits head with heal of hand!

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  2. I think there is something to that wheat thing. I usually avoid gluten just because I think our wheat is so chemically altered that I doubt we’re getting anything that could be considered natural and I’m trying so hard to be good to my body. When I eat bread at a restaurant I find myself craving sandwiches for days afterwards. I wanted a sandwich so bad yesterday and just couldn’t find one so I guess that worked out well.
    I have the same reaction to honey for some reason. Once I start eating it I want more and more, I want to start putting it on everything in site until I’m almost drinking it out of the bottle. Do you experience that?


  3. Oh, I like the new look! I need to do something with my site. I don’t like the way my site looks.


  4. Nina, I think it’s more the maturity of the plant (size). If it was a strong division it can bloom. I do know that if they are planted too deep they won’t bloom. We would have divisions bloom in the green house that had a strong bud/root.


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