Memories forever

I sit here remembering this morning while I finish my cup of coffee and before my shower…remembering Christmas’ past.  Remembering the magic of Santa Clause – coming out of my bedroom to see Santa had, in fact, come..Waiting for Aunt Ruby, Uncle Vaughn, Grandma Green coming from West Liberty…waiting for Aunt Frances and her bedazzled clothes = she loved shiny things.  hmmmmm.

Remembering Christmas with the Brown family…it was different but very special…all of the family…all of the kids…the Christmas picture from the 80’s I have my hair pulled back with a big honking bow…

Christmas in my folks new house in Newton…dressed up for Christmas in red, gold and green..the table set with loving care and always one of Aunt Frances created centerpieces.  My dad in his Christmas flannel shirt..sitting in the chair waiting for everyone else to open their presents with his 10 fingers pressed against each other.

The year Katy got the Alan Jackson cassette tape out of her Christmas stocking and screeches of ALAN JACKSON…ALAN JACKSON.  The girls little game of hiding a present from each other so one could be the last one to open a present.

Wrapping paper all over…and my dad getting a large garbage bag when it was over and collecting it all.  Jenny took up that chore automatically after he died.  Christmas wrapping paper should be all over the floor…but SAVE THE BOWS!

Christmas 2000 when we realized dad had his heart attack and spent the day in the hospital with him.  Aunt Frances stayed home with the girls.  We had Christmas that evening.  Came home to christmas dinner that night and  the garbage disposal seized up because Aunt Frances didn’t know she couldn’t put all of the potato peelings down at one time.

Christmas with the Repps…one room brim full of Christmas presents and Jane’s amazing baked goods.

Now, today, a new tradition.  Everyone from my past Christmases is with me today…in my heart.  We move on with love.

Until next time….

One thought on “Memories forever

  1. It makes me sad that I commented on this yesterday in apparent invisible ink.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas 🙂


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