I’m pissed


I’ve been reading everyone else and finding I’m not the only one.  Bits and pieces I’ve been reading elsewhere brings me to the one big questions.

Where have the XANGA leaders been?  Why is this happening?  The management of the site has been non-existent.  Questions?  Oh well – ask someone else.

I read not too long ago that they had wringing of hands because of spam and all of the other crap that creeps.  They talked then about charging.  I think this is a charade…and I think it is going to backfire!

Please visit me over on the blogspot if you are there…also am really pissed that I”m going to lose some of you.  Let me know where you are going.


7 thoughts on “I’m pissed

  1. I whole heartedly agree.I think I’ve landed at live journal.  I’m deleting my blogger account today.


  2. @suzyQ_darnit – I have an account at blogspot aka blogger…it is google..it is a little time consuming to find your way around.  I have an account WordPress..pretty much don’t like it that well and LiveJournal…I might like it the best.  I’m going to try them a few more days to see which I like best.


  3. @Ninasusan – no, I just – have no idea. I am frozen into immobility. Gobsmacked – now I really get that word. I feel panicky, there’s not enough time! Ack!What about you?


  4. I guess I am pretty lucky, I have most of my Xanga pals on my facebook but I also have a fairly small group. I think it comes down to business is always a tricky venture. I think people who have the aptitude to put together a place like Xanga may not have the business aptitude to keep it going. I guess I saw the writing on the wall for quite sometime. It does break my heart that there will a few people that I know I will lose connections with and some people @suzyQ_darnit – who won’t be writing posts anymore. Although, I am pretty thankful that we will manage to stay connected.


  5. I love this post!I was thinking about starting a post with all of the names and future blog sites that I see. Just keep updating the date to keep it at the top.


  6. I need to make a physical list to try to track down everyone!!!


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