I was kind of surprised

with the comments I got about women having to change their name at marriage.  I actually heard nothing con on the subject but lots of pros.  @goneretired made another point… she told her husband that he could change his last name to her last name if it was so important.  Bravo!!

Downloaded a countdown app on my Ipad this week.  Countdown to retirement because I”m now under a year.  If, at any point you want to know how much time I have left, just ask…I can let you know down to the seconds.

Jaxon is gaining weight and doing well…I got to see him for a few minutes via Skype last night.  His parents both have colds…I’m sure because of lack of sleep and stress…

Brother-in-law, niece and nephew spent the night last night.  They are in town to visit Grandma Brown – they got in late last night so I didn’t get to see them…but they were up early this morning to say Goodbye before I went to work.  They are adults now…but I still say they are great “kids”.

@Tracy‘s daughter is getting married today…I wish for them a great family day…

Bug is finishing up her last month in Ohio…I’m guessing she has a countdown timer going for her big move back to Iowa.

I’m working today – seriously don’t mind working on the weekend unless everyone else is doing something that I want to do!  For me…right at this moment…I’m content.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “I was kind of surprised

  1. Ah yes, I recall the countdown to retirement (sometimes it moves so slow and sometimes so fast). Last June was my last day of work and my official date was last September.


  2. I love this sentence – “For me…right at this moment…I’m content.” Yay for being in a good place!!!How exciting about retirement! I bet that time will go so fast that it will be here before you know it. And then it is PARTY time!How wonderful that Jaxon is doing so well. Have a lovely weekend Nina!


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