We watched the “The Iron Lady” tonight.  Meryl Streep was incredible and deserved the Academy Award for “being” Margaret Thatcher.    I watched the movie and took notes in my head about her history as the Iron Lady.  attn:  all you naysayers..I don’t know how closely the movie followed actual historical events; but, it was close enough for what I wanted to know.  I can’t really see me having a good reason to argue Prime Minister trivia anytime soon.  We both thought it was a very well directed/written movie telling the story of her rise and “fall” of power mixed with her failure to maintain reality because of her dementia.

I’ve learned this week of the common activity amongst my friends of singing in the shower…apparently…the acoustics are marvelous, darling.

That is it for tonight…holy crap…it is after 8:30…I need to be in bed…and you think I’m kidding.

Until next time.
Tra la la

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