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WHO SINGS IN THE SHOWER? Thankfully, I’ve never been in a house with someone who is taking a shower and singing…I think it is TV commercial hype…this was on my mind this morning while showering…. when I take a shower I either have ping pong thoughts or I’ve been known to condition before I shampoo because I’m totally thinking about something else and not paying any attention to what I”m doing.  In fact, there is no where I can go where I get better thinkin’ done. 

I’ve heard the debate several times about one partner having an extramarital affair and the decision whether or not to tell the spouse to clear the conscience becomes a mind exploding, hand ringing decision. Does it do any good to tell the spouse?

Do you owe someone an apology if you speak negatively about them…or if you have spent many years speaking negatively about someone that you actually know nothing about?  Does it matter whether or not they know you have been dissing them?  Does talking about someone behind their back just scream insecurity?

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7 thoughts on “IF YOU SING IN THE SHOWER,

  1. @Table54 – hmmm…interesting thoughts…perhaps I need to check this out!


  2. At Table 54 we believe singing in the shower is a GOOD thing.  It’s like singing in the car or plugging in your Sanza when no one else is around and belting out a few tunes.  Singing is good for the soul – especially if your not very good at it.  It’s a quick and inexpensive way to get a lift out of life, especially first thing in the morning.  Oh, and the last poster is absolutely correct!  The shower does have killer acoustics!-Y


  3. Uh-oh…you do realize the shower has KILLER acoustics, right? ;)But I haven’t felt lighthearted enough to sing in the shower for quite some time.


  4. Yeah that’s a subjctive matter. The important thing is to move on, regardless.


  5. @nov_way – But if you were hit by lightening and were shown the error of your ways, would you apologize to someone you had been back biting for years?  or should you just keep it to yourself and not do it again…and would the victim feel better to receive an apology or just experience the new peaceful and loving way.  I know folks who have had a knife stuck in my back for years…if they would come forth and say…Hay..I’m sorry…i was wrong, I would feel like I was on top of the world.  But, I’m not holding my breath


  6. @that last paragraph, all I can say is that ” what goes around, comes around ” and no body would want that to come around, now would they?


  7. I have to admit that I sing in the shower but not in decibels that anyone would hear me at…..   Hmm. This is thought provoking.  Perhaps completely rhetorical – although I have answer to most of the questions.      I’ve often wondered how many times one should lather rinse repeat – and I also wonder if anyone really does. 


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