This HAS to be one of the cutest pet pictures EVER!  Bennie curls up around Marly every night during prime time.  Mainly he curls up in that little space between his front legs and his chin…seriously…they are so close to the same color that unless you notice Marly has a strange new lump, you don’t even know Benny is there….They are both sound asleep in this picture 🙂

“sound asleep” what exactly does that mean?

He is off to work…I seem to be in mundane, non-disciplined nearly comatose mood the last two days.  I must accomplish something today or I’ll go back to work tomorrow irritated because I will still have the things from last week hanging over my head.  But first…I see Ed Hicks has passed me in Angry Birds Friends tournament.  It’s Ed Hicks fault if I don’t accomplish anything today…….

Until next time….

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  1. Ohhhhhh. Sweeeet.  Big T used to lay with Katy too.  Sweeet.


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