It’s a boy…I’m going to have a grandson.  While I’ve always thought we should have tried for one more child so he could possible have a boy, I knew that in reality, I couldn’t afford another girl!  Then I always really thought that the natural conception selection…say that three times fast…knew that my body probably wasn’t able to carry a boy *tongue in cheek.  So when I found out that Jenny was having a male child, I was rather speechless…I’ve not been around that many male babies…Oh..goodness…how do you raise them.  And then with the help of Kimba…I realized just how ignorant that sounded.  Regardless of the sex, this child is going to be amazing!

I did my winter bug/flea bomb treatment of the house this morning.  I send the cats out to the garage…I thought it would be like an amusement park for them with new things to crawl on and under, new smells, lots of boxes.  Someone looking in the window would have thought I beat them!  These are not your normal cats.  Then I gave them their quarterly Frontline treatment.  The human cuts open the little plastic dispenser and squeezes it on their back between their shoulder blades…I might as well have used a needle and syringe.  At this point, they see me coming and take off running.

I ate boxed, generic mac and cheese for lunch…you know the boxed kind with the little tiny mac and the powdered cheese.  It barely gets better than this!

……hahaha….and I’m gonna be a gramma.

Until next time….

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  1. I can not wait to start seeing all the wonderful posts & pictures! 


  2. @strawberryfieldsgirl – I dreamed of A. Curly blonde hair and everything.  Weird.  Had another dream now, that I’d forgotten about until we’re nearing the age I dreamed of him at, and now I’ve remembered again.  Spooky.


  3. Awesome! Congratulations!  


  4. Congratulations!I think I would feel the same way, at least at first; all I know is girl stuff!But I know my husband would be Thrilled!I see a lot of fun and love ahead! šŸ™‚


  5. I’m curious, did you have a feeling it was a boy? I just knew my first two grandkids were gonna be girls and I just know my daughter is going to have a little boy when she eventually has a baby. I know it’s gonna sound crazy but I have seen her son in my dreams. I know what he’s gonna look like and everything. And no, I don’t usually have dreams about the future or anything else weird like that..This little boy just is there on the side in my dreams sometimes and I know who he is  Can’t explain it, I just “know”.  My grandmother told my mother she was gonna have a little redheaded girl with blue eyes before I was born. My mom was blond, my dad has dark hair. They were pretty surprised that she was right. So I thought maybe it’s just a grandma thing?Anyway, Congrats! Little boys are awesome. I had 2 of my own and they are so much fun. You are gonna love it. You’ll be in love from day one! and now you know, so let the boy shopping commence! šŸ™‚


  6. Oh Nina! Congratulations! Boys are so easy compared to girls – from what I have seen with my nieces. I am so excited for you. Think of trucks and Legos and action figures and comic books. Such fun stuff!!! I tried to be politically correct and bought Erik a baby doll when he was little, well, he never would have anything to do with it. Your hubby can do building projects with your little grandson. Oh what fun! Congrats.


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