Today I’m thankful for Google.  Oops…I guess Thanksgiving is over and I’m a little late with my thankfulness listings.  I kind of like the thankfulness daily posts on Facebook before Thanksgiving because if I’m peaceful, I read thru them and usually get a hit  for something I’m thankful for.  This whole rule about prepositions at the end of sentences being a no-no has me really bugged.  For many years, I was a slave to gramatical correctness.  Now I talk like I’ve ain’t never been schooled.

Back to Google.  I’m curious today…Google is my friend.  I started off googling Kenny Rogers…that man is 74 years wonder he had a limp and an occasional voice kink..he’s also been married 5 times and has 5 kids.  I thought MaryAnn from HEE HAW fame was his first…uh no…number 4.

I really want to see Chicago – the band.  I googled neighboring state concert venues and the closest is Salina, KS.  Interestingly enough – my BIL and SIL recently moved to Salina KS.  Tickets are pretty high..I’ll need to think about this.  Bon Jovi is coming to the Des Moines civic Center in April.  That is about the only two places that had anything interesting to me.  He and I are going to Kansas City next weekend to see TSO for the 3rd time.  And the week before Christmas, we will be seeing Mannheim at the Civic Center in Des Moines.

I googled Nina – which is greek and means grace and wow…don’t we know that is true…then I looked up names from 1956, 1952, 1981 and 1987.  Of the 4 of us in the family..Jennifer is the only one who made favorite baby names for her year.  The rest of us either didn’t make the chart or were so far down that it doesn’t even matter.

My back is still causing me grief from the fall.  Lots of pain center back. It will be two weeks on Tuesday since I took the tumble.  It’s getting old!

That’s it for now…Until next time….

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  1. I was on Pinterest earlier and I searched my name. I wanted to see what other people with my name were pinning. It was interesting.I love Google, too. Craig and I are always looking things up. We will be having a random conversation and say what about that or that person and look it or that up. Fun and interesting.


  2. That was a really terrible fall. If you hadn’t had it seen to already i would be worried for you!The closest I have come to that recently was a truly terrible toe bash. It was do bad I managed to hurt all of my toes except for the big one, and the middle one turned so black I was a little afraid it had zombie-ized and was going to fall off.I never actually go to concerts, since I never actually have the money, but I enjoy reading about them. Well, no, I did go to one, way back at the Dawn of Time. We had free tickets to see John Denver. I enjoyed it, the live singing was awesome, way better than the recordings I had heard until then.Oh, and occasionally we will get some random performer in our town at the big music festival and I have seen a couple of those, and many of them were less than wonderful; Bernadette Peters, Aretha Franklin, a couple of lesser names…seems like the ones I haven’t seen were always the good ones!


  3. So many interesting things here. I was just talking last week about the word Grace. It is one of my favorite words. It can mean so many things and all of them are beautiful. Perfectly fitting for you. Maybe that’s why I instantly liked you.I’m so sorry your back still hurts.  Have you ever tried a TENS machine?  Fun & helpful! :)I would be interested in Bon Jovi (in many ways) and Chicago but really have no urge to see Manheim Steamroller or TSO. It’s nothing against the music, I’m just not a big fan of concerts and if I’m going to go see one there better be people singing.Freaks me out when I start googling the ages of people!  How can they be that old?  For instance the above mentioned Mr. BonJovi. He is older than me and yet still looks as good as when he was in his 20’s. He’s a pretty cool guy. Almost too cool.


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