Marsha Patterson (and I use her last name because there is another Marsha in this story) is “police” dog handler in a neighboring county and neighboring volunteer fire department – We call Marsha when we need a dog for tracking, cadaver dogs and when we need the volunteer Jasper County sheriff’s office reserves to be activated because she is one of those too.  Recently she brought Bullet and Tazor into her life and into the life of all of us at the sheriff’s office.  One is a blood hound and one is a shepherd – frequently she brings the pups to the sheriff’s office for socialization because there are several of us in the S.O. that are just crazy over these two puppies…and we really like Marsha too.. Yesterday, I learned that she not only had the pups with her but had been training and had the two older dogs too.  A beautiful golden who is a cadaver dog and an equally beautiful german shepherd who has proven himself to us as a tracker.   Marsha got these two older dogs out of their kennels and put the babys back in…Nancy Dunsbergen, Marsha and I were lovin’ up the dogs and I thought the shepherd was acting like he may need to use the facilities…we headed for the grassy area – I had the leash wrapped around my legs so as I was twisting around to loosen the leash, I tripped over my own feet and ended up falling backwards in the parking lot.  This is where the dream segment starts…you know…please let this just be a bad dream. OW.

Now there is something about laying on the ground in the fetal position with your friends taking care of you…realizing that no, in fact, you can’t get off the ground..yes…I guess I do need an ambulance and the whole total embarassment that these are the people that you work with every day and now you are vulnerable, yet thankful..then you hear the ambulance coming with sirens – OH GOD!  When the ambulance arrived, Marsha Steele, the office manager told the crew that the first thing they need to do was cut off my clothes, the deputy who got the blanket out of his car to cover me up said that the last time he used this was to cover up a dead person – although taking it back said, naw…its just the blanket Gus lays on…His huge dog.  I had it made because Marsha Patterson, the EMT was already on the ground with me, holding my head up, feeling my spine, making me wiggle my toes and firmly telling me to STOP MOVING YOUR HEAD 🙂  The reality that these people do these things for complete strangers on a daily basis  brings me the most emotion…unless you are in one of these situations, you don’t know what these cops, EMS or fire personnel do for us on a daily basis…I’ve mentioned before about my respect for volunteer fire and EMS personnel…neighbors who are our heros…but the next time you are trying to avoid the cop so you don’t get a ticket…remember that for the most part, they are a bunch of compassionate human beings who are doing a thankless job most of the time.

Now, about me.  Went to the ER…xrays showed no deformaties just some bone bruising…the doctor said I was going to hurt for a few days…and he followed that up, chuckling, that he knows this because he is a doctor…it could have been my reaction to his comment.  How refreshing to have an ER doc with a personality..and the nurses at Skiff…second to none in their care and compassion..

Oh..then there are my husband and daughters.  He was my dependable, loving husband.  Katy, who had arrived home from Ohio, came to the hospital too…and in reference to my million trips to ER with my mother when she got old, said…and so it begins…

I’m fine, I hurt, but I have ice, meds and feel loved.  I’m thankful.

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  1. It is very strange indeed when your responders are paged to treat you.  Felt the same “embarrassment” some years ago when I was involved in a MVA.  Such surprise in their voices as they all checked on me…  Glad you are ok.


  2. I’m glad you’re ok!! I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on EMS and volunteer firefighters! My husband is a past chief of our local dept and drove the ambulance for awhile. It is weird when you have to use them yourself and we have had to a couple of times. Even when you already know them and why they do it, it is still awe inspiring when you are in that vulnerable position to need them. Awesome ppl that do that for others! It’s impossible to thank them enough, even more so  when it’s you they’re rescuing!!!


  3. Wow, that could have been VERY bad, and it was bad enough as it was! (B-b-bad to the bone!). :DHope the healing is quick!


  4. Phil missed the perfect opportunity to have you put to sleep.


  5. When does the “training” video come out?


  6. NINA!! You poor thing!  Which dog did it? I had a bad dream about a German Shepherd knocking on my door last night and I think someone else mentioned they had a dream about a shepherd this week. Damn dogs. :)I hope you’re not feeling too horrible and you’re getting in lots of reading.


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