I realize 1 year, 11 months and 14 days isn’t tomorrow and sounds pretty far in the future to document plans on a calendar..but it will be a very important day for me…the beginning of retirement.  I skipped over my anniversary date without a thought but it hit me this morning.  Now, I’m hoping that I won’t be working right up until my official retirement date…barring unforeseen events, I should have plenty of time off on the books to be out a few months before July 1, 2014…awesome!  I wonder how much the family has suffered the last 28 years of my work schedule..working shifts around the clock and having few weekends off..but it is what it is.  There are many experiences and events which cause us to wonder…WHAT IF?

I picked him up at work last night and we made a quick trip to Des Moines to purchase a couple of recumbent bikes from a nice couple on the south side.  It’s going to take some getting used to..they don’t exactly ride like a regular bike..but I think they are going to be great for my knees, my butt and my weight.  Now if it would just cool down.

Until next time….

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  1. That’s going to go by really fast!  I liked my recumbent bike when I used it.  It did take some getting used to but good for the butt


  2. Craig talks about recumbents but the only one he has tried was actually worse for his back. I can imagine counting down! I am excited for you! What will you do with yourself? You seem to be one of those people who always has to be moving. Are you still thinking about relocating?


  3. The bikes sound like fun! Always wondered how much more difficult they were to ride.


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