My heart hurts

I wish I could remember what day it was two years ago when I last talked to Brett when he was lucid…We are coming upon 2 years of his passing and I still have things I want to talk to him about.  I had a good little melt down cry last night when I saw that Christa had changed her profile picture to the two of them.  I figured if she did it, it was time to go there again…when I got on Facebook this morning, I noticed Jenny also switched her profile pic to Brett and Katy and her.  I’m very sad…I miss him.

My heart hurt this morning when I read @SuzyQ_Darnit she may have visited her brother for the last time..he is fighting cancer…that “C” word…so devastating.

Today is my Friday…I have a short work week next week because we are flying out to Ohio to see the Bug and her husband.  They just moved into a townhouse in Cuyahoga Falls…I really like this little community and am glad they are back there. 

I need to do the work thing now…so

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “My heart hurts

  1. 😦 so sorry for your hurting heart 😦


  2. Ohio is looking forward to your visit.It’s so bittersweet thinking about people we’ve lost. I hope you are over-run by funny happy memories.


  3. So many people are hurting this morning. I am sorry your dear friend had to pass on too early in his life. He must have been a wonderful person to leave such a large void.I bet it will be great to go see your daughter and son-in-law. I’m excited for you.I hope work goes well and quickly for you today.


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