Misc Ecuador

Here’s the toilet lid and cover – they are throughout the complex…Chairs are also made like this…such a quaint touch.

Look at this awesome picture of a storm far off…not that far off…wasn’t long before we were taking down hammocks and heading for the butterfly suite.

Some random pictures of Quito.  First the home where we stayed….3rd floor.

Views of residential Quito from various windows

Checkout the dog on the roof … not uncommon

3 thoughts on “Misc Ecuador

  1. Nina you are just beautiful I am so happy that you are living your life.


  2. I have loved loved loved looking at all these pics! It’s not on my list of places to visit, so I probably never will, but it’s been awesome so visit via you!! It is gorgeous! You know what really stops me tho? Seeing all those houses up on the mountain. I would want to go there and really SEE how the PPL LIVE, that kinda thing so interests me! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip and thanks for sharing!!


  3. I’m seething with envy! I would do almost anything for a few days down there!


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