Ecuador vingnette cuatro


auto-rickshaw aka taxi which you will see all over the beach/village areas.  There were always several waiting around the Mandala Hosteria in the mornings.  Although we didn’t – this is the way to travel over to Machalilaa State Park – Los Frailes beach – a beautiful horseshoe beach surrounded on both sides by cliffs…actually just on the other side of the cliffs north of the Mandala.  Machalila National Park is the place to do whale watching Mid-June to October.  From this area, you also can board your boat rides to the Galapagos and/or poor man’s Galapagos – Isla de la Plata…..

Fritz is on the beach at Hosteria Mandala

The theme of the Hosteria Mandala is Save the Whales – many signs like this lining the long lane into the Hosteria Mandala

…and the one picture Christa asked me to take was very common while walking along the beach

snails, snails, snails…lots of rocks and an unbelievable amount of sand dollars.  I started with a huge collection of sand dollars – only about 10 made it home.  They are very fragile. 

Moving on…meanwhile…back in Quito…the very first night, we walked into the master bedroom of the Andrade home to this view

there is absolutely no way this does the view justice…it is just amazing.  Not to infringe on their privacy, but this chair in the formal living room of the Andrade home

I love it!  Admired it throughout the visit.

Real – very real and fragrant.  Ecuador grows roses and exports them.  Two of these huge bouquets greeted us as we entered immigration at the Quito airport.  This is in the lobby of the beautiful restaurant which drew us in on our visit to Quito and Independence Square.  The next few pictures are random pictures of  Independence Square…I hope to get on line and read up on this area.  Adjacent to the square in all directions was shopping, steep streets and culture that I didn’t have time to let my senses take it all in.  It’s on the list for next time.

First and foremost – our travel mates – two of the best people I’ve ever known – and we are related 🙂
Lee and Christa

Plaza Indepencia

Until next time…..

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