It’s Sunday

Some of you will understand when I say…People – shut up…This Ain’t My First Rodeo.
Then I question ain’t…the apostrophe…it’s a contraction for ai not?  Well that makes no sense!
Great Day yesterday –

  • Picked Dave and Christa up at the sheriff’s Office…they left their car there – they didn’t just get out of jail.
  • Met with real estate broker in Iowa City
  • Ate at the Food Coop in Coralville – was going to say just coop but I don’t trust you people and your jokes.
  • Best Buy – got an IPAD – $75 dollars off  because we bought an opened box…no idea why it was opened and really don’t want to know…it was certified by a Geek.  We looked at both the IPAD and Fire – when I looked perplexed he motioned with his head to go with the IPAD…no commitment that way – just an opinion.
  • Drove around northern Coralville looking for a good coffee shop…settled on convenience store coffee.
  • Drove around Corallville Lake and Lake McBride took the long route – that’s all I will say, Christa…had our eyes peeled for sailboats – nadda
  • Did a short stint at the Williamsburg Outlet Mall – bought a couple of back packs
  • Dinner at the Grinnell Steak House
  • Dropped D and C off at the Sheriff’s Office.

Watched some lame movie starring Jennifer Anniston and Jason was predictable, yet entertaining..probably what I needed so I could fall asleep easily at 9pm

Debbie and Bob coming this afternoon for a visit….

Until next time…

One thought on “It’s Sunday

  1. Congrats on your iPad.  You will love, love, love it!


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