It’s spelled A N X I E T Y

I’m totally stressed out today. Don’t read this if you don’t want to hear me whine…

I have an attorney appointment scheduled for this afternoon…Among the issues is the dirt bag x-tenant hasn’t payed his water bill and the account can’t be switched to the new tenant until ilt is payed..over $200 .. I’m going after him..this o’well, I’ll just take care of it is over. I’m pissed.

At the other house, a tree on the property line broke off during a storm this summer…beautiful walnut tree. It didn’t hit the ground because it fell into the neighbor’s tree. She’s an old lady with almost as much determination as I have. She says we are going to pay for the tree to be removed from her property and I say we are not. Had she just taken care of it, we would have helped…but now…she’s on her own. Put your money on me. I’m starting to feel vindictive…she just may have the whole tree on her property before the weekend is over…and God knows we can’t go on her property to clean it up.

I’m getting the shaft on farm land rental. Going to talk about the procedure for getting the amount increased per acre before the new contract goes into effect.

I’m stressed out about my good hearted older daughter who won’t stand up for herself…

I’m stressed out about the life of the green plants for my younger daughter’s reception.

I promised good vibes to a friend who starts chemo/radiation this week and I’m letting her down because I can’t muster up a peaceful mind to get them sent off to her.

I’m working on rewriting the SOP at work…it is on my mind all of the time…it is a big job. I can do it but can barely force myself not to do it at home so I can just get it done…

I see the therapist on Friday…

Onward and Upward

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “It’s spelled A N X I E T Y

  1. It’s spelled, a-n-g-e-r  m-a-n-a-g-e-m-e-n-t. I think you will find the law is on the side of the old lady and you’ve made it worse by broadcasting your malicious intentions all over the internet.This one you will lose and the lawyer will be glad to take your money for it anyway. He just wants to help you and help himself to your stuff too along with the water company and your ex-tenant.


  2. Good luck with the water problem.  I hope your attorney can get it all worked out for you.Hmmm…I’ve always thought that if your tree falls on someone’s property it is your responsibility.  Let me know how this turns out.  It is an issue that has come up here.I hope daughter finds it within her to do what she needs to do.  We never stop worrying about our kids do we???Crossing my fingers that the plants stay healthy.I’ll send extra prayers and good vibes to Tracy for the both of us.  What are SOPs?Laughing at Tracy’s #8!To more peaceful thoughts Nina!


  3. 1. Water companies are ruthless too!  Good Luck.2. I firmly believe that you will either win, or at least come out even.3. I don’t even know what you’re taking about.4. Your daughter will need to work it out for herself, all you can do is be supportive.5. uh….6. If you start drinking at about 10:00 am tomorrow, you should be mellow by the 12:30 pm (EST) starting time. Perhaps however instead I will think mellow happy thoughts for you. It will give me something positive and wonderful to concentrate on. (you)7. oooo, I like SOP’s. Enjoy!8. I’m sure both you and the therapist and probably that guy you live with are all looking forward to it.9. Better than sitting still or downward!I adore you Nina!  You are spectacular!


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