An IHOP…are you kidding me

@Tracy posted on Facebook that search warrants are being executed at IHOPS around Toledo because of suspected terrorist activity. HOLY TOLEDO…I just had to say that once again because it has become one of my favorite phrases since I met @Tracy and her sister, Erin. IHOP…the only other bad thing I can remember about IHOP is the disgusting joke that went around several years ago…I HOP…I can’t even remember what it was now but I didn’t think it was funny.

I had intended to start out my blog this morning about fantasy football because I seriously need to boast my win. This win is over our league commissioner, one of my favorite people, Mr. competitive sport, one of the best fantasy football trash talkers around…but HE LOST!! I doubt most of you will remember (because it was only desperately important to me) that I won our league Super Bowl last year…until all the stats were finalized and I had to give the money up to one of my arch enemies…I mean it wasn’t even a freeking point…just loose change. Last week (the first week of FF) we played again and I’ll be damned but he beat me again… My number one arch nemises, Pat tied this week instead of actually losing which totally bummed me out. He has been calling for a getting all women out of our league…this year, he agreed to no women unless they are over menopause. I hope to surround his aura in estrogen and have considered contacting his wife to help make him miserable!! Oh…he was only joking about the woman thing, I think.

Sun is shining…I have errands to run…and that addictive word game with friends on I need another addiction!!

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “An IHOP…are you kidding me

  1. Did you hear the joke about the on-legged waitress?She worked at IHOP.,,,,is that the one?


  2. I have stopped playing the game for awhile, I have things to do, too.  It is a beautiful day here, too.  I’m heading out to enjoy it.Have a good day!


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