Bicycling…It’s still big/small theory

Today it was 6 1/2 minutes to work…a bicyclist on the gravel…with ear pods…Contrary to what you may assume after yesterday’s blog..I do not hate bicyclist…but, by the same token, I think SOME have been given too much freedom with so little common sense.  This dude (who at first I thought was a big energetic male child) was riding smack dab in the middle of the gravel road with his ear pods AND NO maybe the ear pods were to keep bugs out but I’m guessing it was to keep music in.  I didn’t want to alarm the kid so I drove behind him for quite awhile until he weaved to the right and then I passed him.  Not a kid…an obvious adult – he pulled his ear bud out when I went around.  I’ve seen people drive on gravel in the dust.  He could have easily been some vultures breakfast on the side of the road.  I will share the road as long as they know that this is big-small theory..if someone hits them, they are still dead…no matter who was right or wrong.

“He” and I watched Wallis and Edward last night – reasonably good movie without the foo foo – about King Edward who abdicated the throne for the love of Wallis Simpson..a twice divorced American woman.  Nobody famous in it – just a good little movie about love and pain and a bunch of closed minded politicians trying to control other peoples lives. 

Positive, healing vibes to @Tracy

Onward and Upward

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Bicycling…It’s still big/small theory

  1. Crazy guy.  He will end up as road kill if he doesn’t amend his ways. A rear view mirror and a helmet are important.  Riding with ear buds is dangerous.


  2. Having ridden in the passenger seat on those gravel roads that cyclist is crazy. I love riding with music in my ears but that’s one of things I worry about, especially with some of the new quieter cars. You can’t hear a Prius on a residential street even without ear buds.Thanks for vibes, I’ll take them. 🙂


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