It’s only 6 minutes to work

but, I had an epiphany…is that the right usage of that word.  I was driving along thinking what started out as benign thoughts and the holy crap light came on.  We should never label ourselves.  What I am this minute of this hour of this day is not the same person I am going to be tomorrow at the same time.  Something is going to occur in my life that will change me.  It started with the guy out for his morning run and I started wondering if he enjoyed it, did it to stay thin, did it because it felt good to his body or was just nuts!  Which led me to think about walking and how much I enjoy the freedom of sometimes when I get in the groove, I feel like I could just walk forever…keeping in mind the earth is round and also there are hills…so that does change things..then that took me to Red Rock Lake..we took the pontoon to the lake with my brother-in-law and our friend last night when I got off work..totally spontaneous…totally unplanned…totally the way I love to do things.  Which led me to thinking about other trips to Red Rock when the kids were small…we biked on our Walmart bikes on the paths..I hated it…hated it..and then I thought about those bikers who love to go on RAGBRAI..(Registers annual great bike ride across Iowa)…it’s a bid deal in July..the absolute hottest month of the year – riding a bike over the miles of hilly terrain in Iowa…which led my thought process to:  I’m just not a bike rider…and then….the light went on.  How many times have I said in my life..I’m not this or I’m not that…how do I think I have a clue who I am according to labels because every experience we have changes who we are.  Everything…it doesn’t stop until our mind stops…constant change…fight it or give into it..but we are changing.  Right now I have this opinion…but in a few seconds this could change by something that happens to me.  Labels don’t work..labels we put on others and the labels we put on ourselves…I think often we label ourselves and then spend copious amounts of time proving we live up to that label..instead of being who we are in the moment and allowing others to be who they are in the moment.  We may not like someone or their actions..but just like the Iowa weather..wait an hour and it will change.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “It’s only 6 minutes to work

  1. What a great post. and so true! and in responding to it, I realize I was writing a blog, so I think I will lol something like this has been on my mind lately…so thanks for the inspiration, have a great day!


  2. I think you are right on with that Ms.Nina. If you’re going to label yourself you at least have to use those sticky “My Name is” tags that go on your chest so you can change it up as you change. I don’t think you’re the same as you were two years ago. Wouldn’t it be boring if we never ever changed up our personality and our traits?You are not boring. 🙂


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