It’s over already

Met Tracy at Okoboji Grill for dinner. We both had Mediterranian (somehow that doesn’t look right) pasta.  Tracy taught me how to say cali-mata olives.  No pictures, though…what’s up with that…she always takes pictures of food.  We didn’t stop talking.  I learned about yoga..her latest’s something I want to try for many reasons…Missed MB and Erin this time…we still have summer.  After dinner, I drove her to my house to meet the critters…the cats loved her right away…a lesson to be learned there, perhaps.  I drove her back to her car and her Earth Day visit was over.



4 thoughts on “It’s over already

  1. I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed yoga on the Wii.  I never thought I would like Yoga at all!  I think it really helped my blood pressure.It’s so great to spend time with friends!


  2. @tracy – I’ll be wherever with bells on.  Now doesn’t that make for an interesting mental picture. 


  3. You’re so funny.  I loved loved loved your kittys!  And the llamas.  It’s a shame I didn’t get to see the peacock.   This lady is kind of annoying but it’s only 10 minutes long, and if you listen to her she says that there are modifications to every pose, which is important.I’ll have to come back just for kitty and doggie time, @skanickadee – perhaps late summer? 


  4. Will it sound terrible if I say, I am totally jealous?  But I am really glad you both had that time together!


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