Is it just Iowa?

So…there is a commercial on the radio for something going on at the Iowa Event Center…. E vent center…not uhvent center…it is drives me nuts every time I hear it…where did UH vent center come from?

I’m curious if it is just rural Iowa, …do people drive down the two lane roads in your area and lift their finger off the steering wheel in order to greet you with a wave of the finger.  On my way into town today, right after I heard the uhvent center commercial, I had an older gentleman give me the one-finger-off-the-wheel greeting and I started wondering….

I have a friend who always says vuhcation…now while I always notice it, I can’t say it is any “wronger” than saying vAcation…we don’t say vAccum so why don’t we say va(small a) cation?

That is all that is on my mind tonight.  It is just a simple little cell.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Is it just Iowa?

  1. upstate NY-Event. 4 finger wave, but sometimes just a head nod. Words ppl say that drive me nuts. You WASH your clothes, you do not warsh them. There is no R in the word. It’s not a chimLEY! Smoke comes out of a chimNEY! And manonaise–MAN-AISE it’s not MAY-NAISE.


  2. hmmmm.  Here – people say Cah, and Lobstah, and and Stayahs (stairs) – but then…look out….laundry is WaRsh.  ?     No r’s where they should be and r’s where they shouldn’t be.  We do the four finger while thumb still on the steering wheel wave.  Kinda non committal.  bikers around here nod the head or do the down low wave…….odd.


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