Buckle-up I’m full of opinions this morning

First this H1N1 panic is starting to really irritate me.  I may regret this if I end up expelling stomach lining, but please just stop.  This isn’t small pox or polio people…it is the flu…if I hear one more news person tell me how I”m supposed to sneeze, I”m going to climb to the top of the courthouse and start coughing….WITHOUT A TISSUE

I don’t care who David Letterman slept with, nor do I care how, when, where or why…some chickie on CNN yesterday was extoling the fact that this isn’t going to die down because people want to know…this is bad..very bad..they dedicated an entire hour to the discussion of sex in the workplace…people have been having sex with co-workers since the beginning of time..this is not a new concept folks…

Sweaty Chetty aka the governor of Iowa has ordered a 10 percent decrease in state government budgets.  It almost comes across that he woke up one morning and just decided to do it.  Department heads are scrambling to figure it all out and low seniority employees are scrambling to find hope.  I find this dude pretty hard to take seriously – I also have no confidence in his leadership…would I rather have the conservative former governor who happened to fight labor unions in the court and was a homophobe..hmm..Chetty’s wife is the one caught smoking in a state vehicle being driven by a state trooper AFTER Iowa HEAD HONCHOSdecided that was illegal…illegal for everyone but Sweaty’s wife, obviously.

I snapped tonight at work..female calls because separated husband has called threatening to remove the tires from her car…okay not a good plan but as I told her – it’s 12:30 at night and there is really nothing we can do if he is just threatening.  Ring Ring…separated husband..ya…I just talked to my soon to be ex wife and she said you will charge me with theft if I remove the tires from the car..NO, SIR, I DIDN’T SAY THAT .. he says, well I”m not going to do it tonight but probably tomorrow – OKAY, WELL YOU NEED TO CONTACT AN ATTORNEY TO CHECK ON THE LEGALITIES.  Ring, Ring…their daughter…My dad called and said he could remove the tires from my mother’s car…ARE THEY STILL MARRIED…yes..WELL IT IS HIS CAR TOO..but it is in her name..argue argue argue..This is the point I snapped and said – it is 12:30 at night, he said he won’t take them until tomorrow why don’t you people go to bed….This totally pissed her off – she wanted an officer so she got an officer who was kind enough to try to make everything better…in order to stay out of trouble, I thought perhaps I should call and apologize,….but I”m not sorry…if it happened again right now, I would say the same thing.  It is a civil situation, why are we dealing with this at 12:30 at night…SHUTUP

Every other little thing in my life seems to be okay..so

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Buckle-up I’m full of opinions this morning

  1. The news is stupid. And the news casters get all excited about that kind of crap because it gives them a good story. I’ve said the same thing about the H!N! thing and I’ve also said that because of it, I’ll probably be the one to get it and die from it.  As for Letterman,, I don’t care either. It didn’t surprise me a bit. Just because we see someone on tv doesn’t mean we really know them. And when rich celebrities do stupid things, who’s really surprised. They get too used to everyone idolizing them or whatever.Not sure what your job is, I’m assuming dispatcher. My husband used to be on the ambulance squad…same kinda thing. Calls for diaper rash…there was this one chick who used to call to be taken to this psyc center every year when the state fair came to that town. She’d go, sign herself out soon as she got there and had her free ride to the fair for the week. crazy world sometimes!


  2. @skanickadee – okay…good point ref the h1n1…small kids too are at high risk..and actually Phil probably due to his compromised immune system…and just because I ran off at the mouth, I’ll probably get it and regret my comments…see sentence 2 paragraph 1.I’m really iffy on the age thing with Letterman.  I’m guessing they are enough willing younger babes wanting to sleep with the famous rich guy as anybody else.  As long as it isn’t someone illegal, I guess I don’t care.  I guess my point is…who takes advantage of whom in this situation?????I’m feeling much better since I”m home and about to hit the sack šŸ™‚


  3. As for Letterman, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him.  I found it creepy when I heard that one of the women was a college age intern.  An old man hitting on a young woman is an issue.  That being said, I don’t care.  I wouldn’t watch any more “news” on the matter.Sounds like a rough night at work.  I don’t know how you do that job and maintain your sanity.  I couldn’t be nice.  I appreciate that there are people like you who are there to do the job.Since I am in an H1N1 high risk group, it is a BIG deal to me.  When there are deaths, I want to hear what the underlying problem was so I can evaluate my own risk.  I do want people who are out in public to cover their mouths when sneezing or coughing.  The H1N1 shot does concern me but I will be getting it.  I have to.


  4. Oh I so could not do your job, most especially and PMS time.  I would so get fired .  I have the patience of a chipmunk these days.  (maybe they’re patient but I don’t think so).   I agree w/the h1n1/letterman talk.  Everyone just needs to chill and stop the hysteria.


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